An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine

Cardinal John Henry Newman INTRODUCTION. Christianity has been long enough in the world to justify us in dealing with it as a fact in the world’s history. Its genius and character, its doctrines, precepts, and objects cannot be treated as matters of private opinion or deduction, unless we may reasonably so regard the Spartan institutions (more…)

The Idea of a University Defined and Illustrated

Cardinal John Henry Newman Preface The view taken of a University in these Discourses is the following:—That it is a place of teaching universal knowledge. This implies that its object is, on the one hand, intellectual, not moral; and, on the other, that it is the diffusion and extension of knowledge rather than the advancement. (more…)

Apologia pro Vita Sua

John Henry (Cardinal) Newman Introduction "No autobiography in the English language has been more read; to the nineteenth century it bears a relation not less characteristic than Boswell’s ‘Johnson’ to the eighteenth." Rev. Wm. Barry, D.D. Newman was already a recognised spiritual leader of over thirty year’s standing, but not yet a Cardinal, when in (more…)

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